Dr Fouad A Al-Farsi
Former Minister of Hajj & Deputy Minister of Communication-KSA
International Affiliates

Dr. Fouad A. Al-Farsi born in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1946. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Economics, Political, and Administrative Development from Duke University, North Carolina. Before that he got his Master Degree in American Government from the same institute in 1975 and Master in International Relations from Portland University Oregon in 1971. He did his University Degree in Law from Beirut Arab University in 1968. Currently he serves as Minister for Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


He has been appointed at various important posts in through out of his career like; Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Information for Information Affairs 1977; Secretary Ministry of Electricity and Industries for Industrial Affairs 1979; and Secretary Ministry of Information for Information Affairs (from 1974 to 1995).


He has also participated in the membership of Boards of Directors of many bodies and government establishments and represented Saudi Arabia in many local, regional, and international associations. In 995 he was appointed as a Minister of Information and Ministerial Formation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is now serving as Minister of Hajj in the Kingdom.


Beside this Dr. Fouad A. Al-Farsi has also been selected as Member of Joint Saudi American Committee for five Years; Representative of Saudi Arabia in Council of Gulf Organization for Industrial Consultation (five years); Member Saudi Sudanese Committee for Exploration of Red Sea Treasures (3years); Member Board of Directors of Saudi Fund for Industrial Development (five years); Member Board of Director of Saudi Arabian Agency for Standards and Specifications (five years); 6. Member Board of Directors for Dar Saudia for Consultancy Services (5years); Member Board of Directors of Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Company (SABIC) (five years); Member Board of Directors of Saudi Arabia Company for Iron and Steel (HADEED) (four years); Member Higher Council for Information; Chairman Permanent Committee for Investment of Foreign Finance (five years); Chairman Board of Directors of National Company for Industrial Gases (GHAZ) (three years); Chairman Executive Council for Broadcasting Organization of Islamic States (twenty years); Member Higher Committee for Hajj; Member Development Authority for Makkah Al-Mukarrma; Member Development Authority for Madina Munawara; and Chairman Executive Council for Islamic News Agency for twenty years.


He is a seasoned writer and has extensively written on diverse national and international issues related to Saudi Arabia. He has also authored almost eight (08) books in English and Arabic languages, which includes; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Comparative Studies in Development; Current Political Disputes; Information and International Conflict; In Information and Politics and other Disputes; Originality and Modernism: Saudi Equivalence; Writing of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz; Information and Modern Challenges; and Crime of the Time and Political Explanation.


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