Update:- 17 February 2016

New Delhi: Describing J&K as the root cause of all Indo-Pak problems, Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit has said economic ties are bound to hit “snags perennially in an unpredictable political environment.”

“Aspirations of Kashmiris can neither be ignored nor suppressed; the sooner it is realised the better it would be.” The envoy was addressing a gathering of the Federation of Indian Exporters’ Organization (FIEO).

“Basit said Pakistan had always wanted a normal relationship with India as peace was not only in the interest of the two countries but also in the interest of the region as a whole. He added that unilateralism and preconditions was a recipe for gridlock in inter-state relations,” he said.

The envoy also expressed hope that India would revisit its position as it defied logic to be locked in a “perpetually conflictual relationship.”

“On issues related to bilateral trade, Basit said there was huge potential between the two countries. Nevertheless, it was necessary to have a level playing field with a view to make trade mutually beneficial. He said non-tariff barriers on the Indian side were adversely affecting Pakistan’s exports to India,” Basit said.