SALAM Roundtable

SALAM Roundtable

The proceedings started with the brief introduction of CPGS. He informed the participants that CPGS is a non-partisan think tank established to undertake studies in policy research, advocacy and consultancy to enhance understanding and relations in diverse fields between Pakistan, the Gulf countries as well as the world at large. The Centre has been instituted to harness mutual potential for cooperation to attain peace, security, economic development and to asses emerging trends and devise strategies for possible future challenges.

He further highlighted the objectives and operational framework of the think tank i.e. promoting regional integration and international peace and harmony with a broader aim to share the regional narrative with the rest of the world and vice versa, through intellectual and robust academic engagement.

Senator Sehar Kamran

Pakistan-Gulf defense relationship is almost as old as their political and diplomatic contacts. Most of the GCC states depended heavily on Pakistan’s assistance in raising their defense and security forces.

There is long history of security relations between Pakistan and several Gulf countries. In 1970s and 80s, many Gulf countries flushed with oil money bought state of the art equipment but local population lacked technical skills.1 A number of Pakistan army and air force personnel were deputed to several countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. A much smaller number of naval officers also served in UAE training local naval forces. The main role of Pakistani officers was in training local security forces although they also manned complicated equipment such as radars.

The recent Arab spring and subsequent incidents and their basic motives have given a chance to Gulf countries to come further close to Pakistan. Pakistan through its military and bilateral cooperation has always tried to shield these countries from various external and internal threats. The GCC is now looking towards East and recent joint military exercises of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (Al- Assam IV) are one of its examples. The following narrative of defense cooperation between Pakistan and the individual GCC States explains depth of their defense relationship.

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