Islamabad, 16th April 2018: Senator Sehar Kamran (TI) felicitated the nation on the successful testing of the enhanced Babur Weapon System-1B, Ground Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM), having a 700 km range, equipped with stealth technology and an ability to strike dual targets without access to GPS navigation. In her statement, she said the test comes at a time when it became imminent to counter the growing strategic ambitions of our Eastern neighbour.

Senator Kamran stated that Pakistan has been working to improve its GLCM capabilities by enhancing the range, navigations systems, avionics and deadly intensity to penetrate the enemy’s defense shield, while avoiding radar detection and interception by air defense systems. She remarked that The Babur-B1 Cruise Missile has reinforced our strategic forces’ deterrent capabilities without indulging in a costly conventional or nuclear arms race, as was being instigated by India’s delusional strategic establishment.

Let there be no doubt that, Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent capabilities are aimed to counter threatening force postures, potential deployment of Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMD) and increasing nuclearization of Indian Ocean Region (IOR), she added.

Senator Sehar Kamran further stated that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state that has amply demonstrated foolproof nuclear command and control structures to ensure comprehensive stewardship and security of strategic assets. She said the rhetoric and the aggressive policy shift of India to carry out possible ‘Surgical Strikes’ and ‘Splendid first strike’ against nuclear armed Pakistan, are threatening the strategic stability of South Asia and pushing the entire region toward perpetual instability. In this context, she stated that Pakistan’s political and military leadership’s overtures for peace and dialogue should not be misinterpreted as the people of Pakistan firmly stand behind its armed forces to thwart the nefarious designs of our perennial enemy.

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