Sr. No. NAP Status
1 Execution of Convicted Terrorist No. of persons Executed under ATA/PPC: 483
2 Special Trial Courts 11Courts Notified

388 Cases transfered to STC

3 Action against Armed Militias Visibility of armed militias and display of weapons curtailed. Terrorist Killed: 2127

Terrorist Arrested: 5884

4 Stregthening and activation of NACTA
Office Space Renovation of two buildings for housing NACTA in progress
Budget 2016/17 Demanded: 1559.0 M

Released: 1545.5 M

Budget 2107/18 Demanded 1528.727 M

Approved: 143.019 M

HR Recruitments in progress
5 Countering hate speech and extremist meterial Hate Speech/Materials

Cases registered: 1353

Persons Arrested: 2528

Shops sealed: 70

Misuse of Loudspeakers Cases Registered:17795 Persons Arrested: 18520

Equipments confiscated: 7942

6 Choking financing for terrorists and terrorists organizations FERA/Hawala Hundi Cases: 777; Arrests: 1060, Recovery: 1320.705 Millions

Anti-money Laundering Cases:336; Arrests: 483

Suspicious Transaction Reports: STRs Received from EMU: 176; Converted into Cases:32; Closed: 14; Under Process:130 Counter Financing for Terrorists (CFT) Units established in all provincial CTDs.

Counter Financing for Terrorists (CFT) to be made an integral part of provincial investigations.

National Task Force (NTF) on Countering Financing for Terrorist (CFT) with reps from all stakeholders, set-up in June 2017 for effective coordination on policy and operaitons.

15 amendments made in (AMLA 2010) in 2015.

7 Ensuring against re-emergence of proscribed organizations/Individuals Categorize: (63+3) 164 UNSCR Common 13 4th Schedule Total Activists: 8333

Number of accounts freezed: 5023

Amount frozen: Rs. 150 Million

Following actions have been taken against Proscribed Persons: Passport Embargo

Freezing of Bank Accounts

Ban on Financial support and services by financial institutes. Arms license Embargo

Provincial Governments requested to take legal action under ATA 1997

8 Establishing a Counter Terrorism Force UNIT                      Sanctioned         Present

ICT                          1000                       500

Punjab                    5000                       4300

Sindh                      1000                       728

Bal                           3000                       1000

KP                           2206                       2080

GB                           –                               168

AJK                         500                         260

9 Taking steps against religious persecution Data collection in progress, to be verified and then put up for further action
10 Registration and regulation of Madrassas Two seperate Registration and Data form for Madaris developed in consultation with ITMP

Committees under FBISE and HEC formed with representation from ITMP for grant of equivalence degree awarding status to Wafaqs.

11 Ban on glorification of terrorism in media Strict implementatoin of ban on electronic media of acivists of proscribed organizations.

Any violation is instantly reported to concerned quarters and actions taken.

Visible improvement noticed.

12 FATA Reforms The Federal Cabinet has approved in principle recommendations of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) reforms committee.
13 Dismantling communication networks of terrorists 98.3 million SIMs blocked

Biometric Verification system in place.

14 Tangible measures against abuse of internet and Social media for terrorism Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act 2015 passed.

937 URLs and 10 websites of proscribed organizations have been blocked by MoIT

15 Militancy in Punjab Visible improvement inlaw & order situation in Punjab.
16 Taking the ongoing operation in Karachi to its logical conclusion Registered significant decline in terrorism, crime and improvement in law and order i.e.

Target Killing down by 97% Murder down by 87% Terrorism down by 98% Robberies down by 52% Weapons recovered 33.37%

17 Steps towards Baluchistan Reconciliation Surrender and Reconciliation/Rehabliation of Facraris/outlaws in progress.
18 Ending Sectarian Terrorism No. Year Incidents

1                              2011                       70

2                              2012                       185

3                              2013                       127

4                              2014                       176

5                              2015                       79

6                              2016                       37

7                              2017                       02

Total                                      676

Visible decline in sectarian terrorism

19 Resolving issues of Afghan Refugees The Federal Cabinet approved the Repatriation and Management Policy

POR cards valid upto 31-12-2017, visa forms developed. Tripartite aggrement for voluntary repatriation has been extended for one more year.

The ministry of SAFRON in consultation with NADRA has finalized and Operational Plan for documentation of unregistered Afghan refugees.

Draft National Refugee Law has been developed and shared with relevant stakeholders.

20 Revamping the Criminal Justice System NACTA conducted Nine (9) meetings of Provincial Representatives since May, 2016 and one week workshop of the Federal Core Group in April, 2017 and developed Recommendation for Revamping of Criminal Justice system, its implementation plan, along with responsibilities, timelines and cost elements, Sector wise (Police, Prosecution, Prison, Parole & Probation and Judiciary), through consensus and in coordination with provinces, ICT, GB and AJK. These recommendations, approved by Interior Minister, have now been submitted to Prime Minister.

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