Sehar_kamran_messegeIslamabad: Senator Sehar Kamran (TI) has strongly condemned the unprovoked firing at the Torkham border by the Afghan forces and expressed her heart felt sorrow at the martyrdom of Major Ali Jawad Changezi. She said this attack comes at a time when Pakistan is rapidly heading towards the completion of Operation Zarb-e-Azb and has destroyed 90-95% of the terrorist pockets especially in areas adjoining Afghanistan.

Senator Kamran said it seems Pakistan is being encircled regionally and is now forced to engage in a two front battle at the behest of its Eastern neighbor who wants to create regional instability and use it to achieve its own heinous objectives. She said the people of Pakistan stand beside their armed forces in these testing times.

Senator Sehar Kamran said my heart goes out to the bereaved family of Major Ali Jawad who lost his life while defending his motherland as well as prayers for those wounded as a result of this exchange of gun fire.

Pakistan has always called for enhancing better ties with its neighbors but will not succumb to any form of aggression which directly threatens its territorial sovereignty or safety, she added.

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