NSGIslamabad, 08th June, 2016: President Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies Senator Sehar Kamran (TI) has expressed grave concern at India’s inclusion into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). Furthermore she said the United States call to the members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) states to retract objection on India’s unilateral entry into the premiere organization ahead of the 20th June meeting in Seoul will prove disastrous where regional stability is concerned.

Senator Sehar Kamran said with the admission of India into the MTCR, it will now be able to import and export ballistic and cruise missiles. It is also being predicted that India would now be able to import American drone and predators and enhance its offensive capability which would serious undermine regional strategic stability. Moreover, regional deterrence will also be severely damaged as a consequence.

Senator Kamran said India’s entry into the MTCR has given a boost to its bid into the NSG and if India becomes its member then it would be able to carry out nuclear trade with other nuclear suppliers’ countries. She said, in this context India would use imported nuclear fuel for commercial purposes while indigenous nuclear fuel for military purpose and would improve the quality and quantity of its nuclear force which is danger for the strategic stability of the region.

Senator Sehar Kamran these developments can seriously hamper Pakistan’s long term interests as Pakistan aspires to join the NSG but if India becomes a NSG member, then it can block Pakistan’s entry into the organization by its use of the exclusive veto power and can further prevent any steps which might prove beneficial for Pakistan.

Senator Kamran further stated that these developments will adversely affect China as well, as a military cooperation between US and India can prove detrimental for China’s regional projects especially the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. She emphasized that Pakistan must raise its concerns at relevant international forums.

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