Do you think that India’s defence and security pact with Saudi Arabia will have an adverse impact on Saudi-led 34 nation Islamic counter-terrorism and security mechanism.

During the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia (KSA), CPGS held a poll, whether India’s defence and security ties with the kingdom would have an impact on the 34-nation alliance created to combat terrorism. 55.8% of the respondents think that if India and KSA’s ties would adversely impact the 34-nation alliance, while 23.1% do not see any affect of their increasing security ties. However, a considerable number of respondents could not ascertain if their ties would, or would not have implications for the 34-nation alliance.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to a large population of Indian domestic and non-domestic workers. India is also a major partner of the kingdom in 19% of its crude oil supply imports. Trade between both countries reached $39 billion in 2014. On the other hand, Pakistan and KSA’s trade totaled $6 billion in the same year.

During Modi’s visit, India and KSA signed five agreements ranging from bilateral investment in private sector; joint military exercises; cooperation in intelligence sharing on terrorism amid the increasing influence ofDa’esh (ISIS)in South Asia; to labour cooperation agreement. India has put its security and counter terrorism concerns on the forefront, and has begun enhancing ties with Pakistan’s historically friendly countries (case in point UAE and now Saudi Arabia).

Most of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states are also part of the 34-nation alliance and participated in the operation ‘Northern Thunder’ in March 2016. Iran, Syria and Iraq are not included in the newly formed alliance being led by KSA. India’s increasing influence in the maritime waters will impact Pakistan’s influence there.

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