Do you think India is using the soil of Pakistan’s neighbors to destabilize it?

The Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies conducted a poll to assess whether the public perceives India to have a significant role in destabilizing Pakistan from the soil of its neighbors. Pakistan has been subject to a rampant wave of terrorism and violent extremism over the past decade, especially following the fateful 9/11 attacks and the subsequent ‘War on Terror’ centered in the neighboring Afghanistan. As a consequence of this‘Anti-Terror War’, as well as proxy warfarein the region in this guise,more than 60,000 Pakistani lives have been lost since 2001. On 27 March 2016, in the most recent terrorist attack at a children’s park in Lahore, at least another 75 lives were lost.


The results of this poll indicate that a whopping majority of 88.3% was of the view that India has indeed been using the soil of Pakistan’s neighbors in order to effect destabilization in the country, through the use and promotion of terrorism and violent extremism. Whereas, a small minority of 4.7% replied in negative,while, only 7% of the respondents did not have a clear opinion in this regard.

The massive counter-terror operation that was launched in the wake of these vicious terrorist activities in Pakistan, Operation Zarb-e-Azb, is currently in its final stage, and boasts an over 90% success rate in eliminating terrorists, their networks, arms supply and refuge hideouts inside Pakistan. As a result, there has been a significant reduction in the frequency and damages by terrorist attacks in the country. Moreover, an intelligence-based counter-terrorism operation has also commenced in Punjab.

However, it is far from reality to say the menace of terrorism and violent extremism is satisfactorily under control. The recent capture of the Indian naval officer, Kulbhushan Yadav, covertly working inside Pakistan for the Indian secret agency RAW and his confessions amount to further disclosure of India’s role in instigating terrorism in Pakistan. Yadav had been moving across the Pakistan-Iran border and living in the region for 14 years, while making use of Iranian soil, one of Pakistan’s neighbors, for perpetrating terror-related activities inside Pakistan, similar tothe Indian activities inside Afghanistan vis-à-vis terrorism in Pakistan.

The success of ongoing anti-terror initiatives is immensely important to quell the long and painful cycle of terrorism in the country, which cannot occur if the process is sabotaged by regional rival states, specifically India.

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