14th December, 2015: A resolution presented today by the President, Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS), Senator Sehar Kamran (TI) was unanimouslyadopted in the House of Federation, calling for a reaffirmation of solidarity with the families of the martyrs of the Army Public School, Peshawar, and demanding of the government to continue its struggle for the elimination of terrorism from the soil of Pakistan. Senator Sehar Kamran further recommended that 16th December shall be declared as the National Day for children’s education in Pakistan.

The Resolution comes two days before the one-year anniversary of the Army Public School Tragedy, in which 148 people – mostly children – were heinously murdered. Pakistan has achieved many successes in the past year against the terrorists responsible for this and many other similar acts through countless operations across the country. Senator Sehar Kamran called for the government to continue its drive against terrorism for a peaceful prosperous and stable Pakistan.

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