A significant majority of people who took part in the CPGS Poll ‘Do you think the security situation in Karachi has improved as a result of the ongoing operations?’ have agreed with the assertion that the security situation has in fact improved significantly.

To gauge public opinion across Pakistan on issues of national interest, Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies conducts opinion polls on its site. In response to this most recent question, an overwhelming majority of 97% of Pakistanis have indicated their agreement, while 2.99% disagreed.


The Karachi operation, which started on September 5, 2013, is an attempt to clamp down on terrorists, target killers, extortionists, land-grabbers, militant gangs and the criminal elements linked with political parties in Karachi. In 2013 alone, 3200 people were killed in targeted killings, but since the start of the operations, these killings in the city have been reduced by more than 43 percent.  During the Karachi Operation, Pakistan Rangers have conducted 5795 operations across Karachi apprehending 10,353 suspects, out of which 4995 were handed over to the Police. Moreover, Rangers have also captured 826 terrorists, 334 target killers and 26 extortionists.

The Sindh government has approved an extension of one year for the Pakistan Rangers to continue with the operation and eliminate, once and for all, the terrorist and criminal elements from Karachi  that have held the city hostage for so long.

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