yome-shohda1[1]On the occasion of Youm-e-Shuhada (Day of Martyrs), I applaud the services and great sacrifices made by our brave soldiers in the line of duty. This day commemorates those sons of our soil who have laid down their lives for the safety of the motherland. On this day, we also remember the families of these fallen heroes. The gallant soldiers and their families are the lifeblood of Pakistan.

It is my great honor to pay my heartfelt tribute to our fearless soldiers as well as the leadership of Pakistan’s Armed Forces for their great services and valuable sacrifices.

Today not just our country but the world is in great debt of all our courageous men who have given their lives to achieve the noble cause of global peace and security. We are safe today because our soldiers fought at the front lines and became the first line of defense against the still on-going war on terror. We must not let the blood of 50,000 innocent civilians including women, children and old people and over 3000 military and security personnel who lost their lives as a result of cowardly terrorist attacks go to waste.

The unanimously agreed upon National Action Plan should be fully implemented in its true form and spirit to achieve substantive results as soon as is realistically possible. The Pakistani nation firmly stands behind its armed forces in full support and will continue to support them until victory is ours, and the violent extremism that plagues our society is eradicated.

The enemy Pakistan is fighting against today is both cunning and stealthy. We must remain vigilant of such elements which have taken root in our society and exist with the intention of harming our state and society.

War against terrorism and extremism is being valiantly fought by the armed forces and its agencies with firm resolve; resolve that must be mirrored by the state and all its inhabitants. Our forces will have backing of the entire nation and they will not step down until the last enemy is defeated.

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