Islamabad, April 15, 2015: The President Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS), Senator Sehar Kamran (T.I.) has congratulated the military and political leadership, scientists, engineers and the people of Pakistan on the successful training launch of Ghauri missile system. The launch was conducted by a strategic missile group of the Army Strategic Forces Command that was aimed at testing the operational and technical readiness of the command. The Ghauri Ballistic Missile can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads upto a distance of 1,300 kilometres.

Senator Kamran said, the nuclear programme of Pakistan is a story of resilience and continued diligence par excellence. It is a reflection of the professionalism and determination of the scientists and military professionals, in upgrading and retaining a robust deterrent for the security of the nation, against all odds. “I congratulate our civil and military leadership for their continued perseverance and professional excellence.”

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