Project JOHAR “Contemporary Debate in the 2nd Nuclear Age” Nuclear Non-Proliferation Arms Control and Disarmament: Contemporary Challenges and Prospects

Project JOHAR “Contemporary Debate in the 2nd Nuclear Age”
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Arms Control and Disarmament:
Contemporary Challenges and Prospects

Project JOHAR aims at understanding the dynamics of the nuclear debate in the second nuclear age; and Pakistan’s position in the evolving nuclear world order. During several in-house discussions preceding project JOHAR, the CPGS identified a major challenge to nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament and strategic stability.

First, the major nuclear powers are less concerned about nuclear non-proliferation objectives than they earlier were. Now they seem to be more interested in their economic and geopolitical objectives. Quite often, their policies are based on discrimination, exceptionalism and favouritism. By pursuing such discriminatory policies, they are promoting instabilities at the regional level; particularly in South Asia.

The major powers are supporting India by strengthening its military capabilities without taking into account regional security and stability dynamics. Denying Pakistan access to the international nuclear export arrangements and giving a preferential treatment to India, has led to upsetting of the regional strategic balance.
Likewise, in the Middle East, where Israel gets a preferential treatment over the other regional countries. The situation is no different in South-East Asia where the prospects of horizontal proliferation may increase due to the geopolitical realignment of American policies.

The discriminatory policies of some of the major powers, in one way or the other, are giving birth to some trends in the domain of nuclear diplomacy where some developing countries; especially Pakistan; are being victimised. Pakistan is being subjected to intense disinformation campaigns to malign its image and standing in the comity of nations.

Pakistan has been consistently denied the opportunities to benefit from the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. There is a requirement of highlighting these discriminatory policies for setting a more comprehensive nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament agenda.

Against this backdrop, the CPGS, following its vision of peace and stability, launched Project ‘JOHAR: the Contemporary Debate in the Second Nuclear Age’ last year to understand the dynamics of the nuclear debate in this new era of multi-polarity and globalisation.

“JOHAR” is an Urdu word which means ‘atom’. The name of project JOHAR not only illustrates literal and lingual relevance to the subject, it also denotes some of the important policy characteristics and strategic imperatives laid down for the entire project to be pursued and ensured in our discourse and publications.

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