CondemnPresident CPGS Senator Sehar Kamran (T.I.) has strongly condemned the latest Israeli assaults on Gaza resulting in the death of innocent Palestinians. She said these latest Israeli attacks on Palestinians are in violation of not only the United Nations conventions, but also human rights. She urged the international community, especially the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take strong action against the Israeli aggression, particularly in the area of Khan Yunis, Palestine.

Senator Sehar Kamran (T.I.) has emphasised on the need for establishing a durable peaceful solution to solve the Palestine-Israel conflict.  She further said violence in all forms must be condemned and Israel must be held accountable for Palestinians’ destruction and their loss of lives. She added that peace and stability can be ensured only after the resolution of such key disputes as the one between Palestine and Israel in the Middle East and between Pakistan and India over Kashmir in South Asia.

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