Pak iran relationsIslamabad, June 25, 2014: A roundtable discussion on “Pakistan-Iran relations: challenges and prospects” was held at the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) here today. It was chaired by Lt. Gen. (retd.) Syed Mohammad Owais H. I. (M.) and was well attended by prominent foreign policy experts, academics, practitioners and university students.

The discussion revolved around five basic questions. They were: What is the nature of Pakistan-Iran relations in the post-Cold War era; what are the areas of convergence and prospects of improvement of relations between the two countries; how can Pakistan improve its bilateral security and economic relations with Iran; what is the future vision of Pakistan-Iran relations; and, finally, how important is cooperation between the two sides on the evolving situation in Afghanistan?

It was recommended by the participants that Pakistan needs to reset its foreign policy along the lines that would result in maximum advantage to the country. Also, it was suggested that Pakistan must work out its relations with Iran at all levels ranging from enhanced people-to-people contacts, greater interaction between think tanks, institutions, the media and the governments of both the countries.


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