ISLAMABAD March 31, 2014: A seminar on “Pakistan-India relations: Challenges and Prospects was held here today at the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS).

While welcoming the participants of the seminar, Senator Sehar Kamran (TI), President CPGS, emphasized the importance of Pakistan’s relations with its immediate neighbour to the east, India.

Lt. Gen. (R) Talat Masood, HI (M) was the keynote speaker and started the proceedings by giving his remarks.

Other participants included Lt. Gen. (R) Agha Muhammad Umer Farooq HI (M), Dr. Tahir Amin (QAU), Farooq Rahmani, Ghulam Muhammad Safi, Ershad Mehmood, Nasir Hafeez TI (M) (NDU),ShamsaNawaz (ISSI), Heba Al-Adawy(IRS), Dr Mavara Inayat (QAU), Dr. Adil Sultan, Bilal Akram Shah and Ghani Jafar( CPGS).

In her concluding remarks, Senator Sehar Karman (TI) said that no country can prosper and progress without peace. It is important for Pakistan to have good relations with its immediate neighbours and peace at its borders.  She added, “But in aspiration to build stronger and close relations with India, Pakistan must not compromise on its national interest. We must not show haste, core issues like Kashmir and water disputes must be resolved first for regional peace and trust worthy bilateral relations.”

A large number of university students also attended the seminar. The presentations were followed by a discussion. Towards the end, suggestions/recommendations were provided by the participants.

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