Press Release

The Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) has conducted a round-table discussion on March 13, 2014. The agenda of the round-table discussion was to carry out a comparative analysis of CPGS’s proposed “National Policy for Peace and Harmony” and the government’s different policies on the issue. Prominent scholars and experienced government officials from different institutions and organizations took part in this roundtable was chaired by Lt. Gen. (R) Syed Muhammad Owais, a member of the advisory board of CPGS.

Dr. Sarfraz Ansari from NDU, Dr. Jameel Qalandar from IIUI, Muhammad Ilyas Khan DG research of Council of Islamic Ideology, Adil Sharif legal expert, Nasir Hafeez from NDU, Usman Zafar from Iqra University, Waheed Hamid Head Communication FFC, Ghani Jafar Senior Research Fellow of CPGS and Syed Saddar anchor of Radio Pakistan took part in the fruitful discussion. Besides CPGS team, many other researchers and students also participated in the discussion. The Participants of the round-table discussion reviewed the different policies presented by the government and gave further recommendations. Participants of the discourse also praised the Centre’s efforts in preparing the proposed on “National Policy for Peace and Harmony”.

It is worth mentioning that initially the CPGS took steps to prepare the national policy for peace and harmony in the country, used for the first time the word ‘Harmony’, and presented the proposed policy. CPGS floated its proposed policy in different government departments, on August 22, 2013. Subsequently, government’s different policies reflected the CPGS proposed policy on peace and harmony. The participants also agreed that in future, CPGS will also offer its services to the government in any situation.

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