The powerful explosion at Peshawar Chowk on Hangu road apparently targeted passengers in a motorised rickshaw and those on a mini-bus. The vehicle was packed with passengers most of whom were on their way to their respective villages.

Police said around five kilogrammes of explosive were planted in a cooking oil container and placed near the bus stop in the city centre before being detonated remotely.

Describing the tragic incident yet another cowardly act by the enemies of Pakistan, Senator Sehar Karman that these killings of innocent Pakistani men, women and children; including those our valiant armed forces and law-enforcement agecies; have not and would not weaken the nation’s determination to rid our soil of all these murderers.

Senator Sehar Kamran also called upon all Pakistanis to stand together at this most crucial moment of the nation’s history – regardless of all political, ethnic, religious or sectarian differences.

She has also prayed for the innocent victims of the dastardly act as also for the Almighty Allah to give the courage and strength to their families to bear the terrible loss they have suffered at the hand of these enemies of Pakistan and Islam.

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