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  • US President Donald Trump name US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as acting director of national intelligence. Reuters
  • Federal policymakers show cautious optimism on US economy. Reuters
  • Libyan government and General Haftar's forces overshadow the hopes of salvaging UN ceasefire talks. Reuters
  • Tunisia named new government avoiding the risk of an early election. Reuters
  • US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad discussed Taliban deal with re-elected Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. Reuters
  • Turkey edges closer to direct conflict with Russian-backed Syria. Reuters
  • It is being reported that a key Pentagon official is set to resign at US President Donald Trump's request amid Huawei trade spat. Reuters
  • Iraqi PM-designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said that he has picked cabinet and now seeks vote of confidence. Reuters
  • Iranian Revolutionary Guards air force commander Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf is expected to become the speaker in next parliament. Reuters
  • US secretary of state Mike Pompeo reached Saudi Arabia to discuss Iran, economy and human rights. Reuters
  • Turkey's President Erdogan lashed out at opposition saying it should be probed for Gulen links. Reuters
  • US continues to urge EU to use 5G by Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, seen on par with Huawei. Reuters
  • Reportedly, India has approved plan to buy US naval helicopters. Reuters
  • Russia said Haftar’s agreement to political settlement is only option for Libya. Reuters
  • Defectors from North Korea run in South's elections to battle flawed policies. Reuters


Avoiding Duplication and Reinventing The Wheel: A Survey Of Some Of The Regional And International Initiatives In Countering Cyber Extremism And Radicalization 

Professor Dr Richard Bonney: Abstract

Social Media and Narratives of Extremism in Pakistan

Dr Uzair Ahmad, Hafsa Sundus & Sarfraz KhanAbstract

De-radicalization of Pakistani Society: Evolution of a Balanced Education System – A Lasting Remedy

Lt Col Manzoor Ahmed Abbasi

Radical Extremism in Pakistan: Reasons and Solutions

Dr. Nazir Hussain

Pakistan’s De-Radicalization Strategy – Dilemmas and the Way Forward

Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal TI(M)

Pakistan and the Gulf Region: Historical Perspective and Future Trends

Senator Sehar Kamran (TI)

Book Review

The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat – Vali Nasr

Saqib Mehmood

Price of Politics – Bob Woodward

Ikram Ullah Khan

The Future of Pakistan – Stephen P Cohen & Others

Adeela Bahar Khan

Syria’s Uprising and the Fracturing of the Levant – Emile Hokayem

Sara Batool


Sir Muhammad Iqbal’s 1930 Presidential Address to the 25th Session of the All-India Muslim

League Allahabad, 29 December 1930

Objective Resolution 1949

Islamic provisions of 1973 constitution

18th Amendment 2010

UN Resolution 2083 (2012)

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