In an interactive session with the CPGS team, the Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Switzerland, Mr. Marc George and the Political and Economic Officer, Ms Madiha  were briefed about the Centre, its activities as well as current and future projects at the CPGS Islamabad office.  

Commenting on the most recent CPGS mega-achievement, the proposed “National Policy for Peace and Harmony” launched at the CPGS Two-Day International Seminar, Mr George stated “my country is equally interested, like CPGS, in promoting peace and human rights”.

He further said that “we are also concerned about the Afghan situation post-2014, despite no representation in ISAF”.  He was of the view that CPGS efforts are extremely valuable in promoting peace in the region, and he will do his utmost to link CPGS efforts with similar projects and think-tanks in Geneva.

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